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Xaymaca Coffee Traders

is a licensed importer of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and our products bear a certificate of authenticity issued with each shipment by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

We provide the specialty coffee retail market with Clifton Mount Single Estate, Clydesdale JBM, as well as Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry freshly roasted for your palate’s pleasure. We also provide .5kg up to 5kg (8.8ozs to 11lbs) packages for the ever popular home roasting market.

About Us

Xaymaca Coffee Traders™

For our wholesalers, we offer our Jamaica Blue Mountain green coffee beans in 15kg (mini), 30kg (medium), and 70kg (large) barrels. To preserve the integrity of the coffee, all beans are packed in Grain-Pro bags within each barrel. Please email or call us at 609-301-8375 for availability and wholesale green coffee bean prices.

Some Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Facts

World famous Jamaican coffee has commanded the admiration of coffee connoisseurs throughout the world for centuries. Shipments of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee in the early 1800s realized premiums of several thousand English pounds per ton. The Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee experience integrates a cup of exceptional balance and an exotic and intense aroma, along with an intricate range of flavor notes which may include within the bouquet, a subtle hint of herbs, spice and chocolate.

Both Clifton Mount Estate and Clydesdale Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee are an outstanding quality of the Typica variety. Our coffee is fully washed and it is processed in the most modern coffee mill in Jamaica. This helps us to ensure that our coffee is efficiently processed and that the quality of it will never be compromised.

The coffee is cultivated high up in the mist-covered Blue Mountains of Jamaica which peaks at an altitude of 7,402 ft above sea level. The specialty coffee world recognizes that Arabica Coffee produces a far superior cup than the Robusta coffee and in the Jamaican coffee industry, it is the species of choice.


The Tainos, previously referred to as the Arawaks, have often been described as the earliest inhabitants of Jamaica and the first to have come into contact with the Spaniards. Interestingly, the name of the island ‘Jamaica’ is believed to be of Taino origin as it was derived from their reference to the island as Xaymaca—land of wood and water.

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