Xaymaca Coffee Traders was created in 2009 by the patriarch of the Levy family, David Levy. He built our company on 2 simple tenets – excellent customer service and honesty.

We, at XCT, will always call you back, and we will always tell our customers and partners the truth so they can run their businesses effectively.

By staying true to our values, Xaymaca has become the leading coffee importer and distributor of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee and the US representative of Coffee Traders Limited – the #1 Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee producer both in quantity and quality.


Xaymaca Coffee Traders sells both green coffee and roasted coffee beans. We offer green coffee directly from the Jamaica Blue Mountains and roasted specialty coffees from Jamaica and other countries within the global coffee-producing belt.


The Tainos, previously referred to as the Arawaks, have often been described as the earliest inhabitants of Jamaica and the first to have come into contact with the Spaniards. Interestingly, the name of the island ‘Jamaica’ is believed to be of Taino origin as it was derived from their reference to the island as Xaymaca—land of wood and water.


In the fall of 2008, David reached a crossroads and it became very apparent that he was the driving force behind several profitable business ventures – companies for which he had given so much of himself, but were not his own. In pondering his next move, David chose to adopt William Ernest Henley’s stance from the poem Invictus: he wanted to be “the master of his fate, the captain of his soul”.

Building something to be proud of

He aimed to build something he could be proud of, and equally important, something he could pass on to his three children. Having worked for the United Nations for 15+ years, as well as taking on roles in both real estate and investment banking, David learned that across all cultures and languages people can and will appreciate the same core values.

A family business

David started the business with his wife, Angela, as his sole business partner and the two of them have run Xaymaca since 2009. His “why” behind building Xaymaca Coffee Traders was to ensure that his efforts – in whatever he did – would provide a reliable service to his clientele, and most of all ensure a connection with his beloved island home that guarantees benefits to the people of the Blue Mountain region and the Jamaican diaspora.As the business grew to be the #1 distributor of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, David and Angela realized it was time to bring on their children and truly make the business what he had envisioned it to be so many years ago – a family business.

Sharing a strong heritage

Since 2019, they have integrated their three children into the business in preparation for their passing on the torch. Their children Damian, Rachelle, and Brianna are excited about joining their parents and sharing the beautiful heritage of Jamaica with their customers!


Born in Jamaica, David’s formative years were spent between Kingston and rural Oracabessa, which is the bedrock of his Silvera ancestry in Jamaica’s north coast parish of St. Mary. His parents and grandparents always instilled in him a healthy respect for the environment and for his fellow countryman.

“Treat people exactly the way in which you would like to be treated” is a fundamental truth that has run throughout David’s life and would become the foundation of Xaymaca Coffee Traders.

In working with the Sharp family, owners of Coffee Traders Limited and Clifton Mount Estate, Xaymaca Coffee Traders is able to bring these lifelong passions to fruition.

Clifton Mount Estate produces the only Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee available in the United States that is Rainforest Alliance Certified, illustrating their commitment to the environment. It is also the oldest known operational coffee factory in Jamaica and the Western Hemisphere.

Coffee Traders Limited and Xaymaca Coffee Traders take special care to provide for the people who help make Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. The workers are provided with housing and adequate facilities for use during their shifts. The food on campus is prepared by a chef to ensure high nutritional value for all employees.

The company has even gone the extra mile to provide reading and writing lessons to help educate workers and their families; with us, everyone is given an opportunity to learn and progress. These employees are essential to the function of our company, and as such, we are committed to providing them with the best.

Xaymaca Coffee Traders™

Clifton Mount Estate

Clifton Mount is the oldest functioning coffee estate in Jamaica and is recognized as producing the finest quality world renowned Blue Mountain Coffee.

  • Location: Newcastle region, St. Andrew
  • Total Area: 250 acres
  • Coffee Planted Area: 180 acres
  • Average Altitude: 4,300 feet
  • Drying: 100% sun-dried
  • Variety: 100% Arabica Typica
  • Processing: Fully washed or fermented based upon customer request

Cup Characteristics:

The perfect and delicate balance of acidity, body and aroma. Its acidity is bright and delicate, its body gentle and velvety. Its aroma is softly penetrating and sweet with floral, spicy, and citric undertones. There is a presence of cocoa undertones in its aftertaste.


Coffee was introduced to Jamaica in 1728. Grown at the very heart of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee area, Clydesdale is a renowned coffee growing region at an average altitude of 1000 meters. From one of the oldest growing areas in the Blue Mountain, Clydesdale coffee continues to celebrate old traditions that have made it a favorite of coffee connoisseurs throughout the world.

  • Altitude: Average of 1000 meters
  • Varietal: Arabica Typica
  • Harvest: November to June
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Drying: Sun-dried
  • Cup: Exquisite balance of body, aroma and acidity; sweet mellow aftertaste
  • Fragrance: Almond, Cinnamon, Chocolate overtones
  • Body: Medium Full Bodied, creamy
  • Acidity: Balanced and sweet
  • Flavor: Backstage notes of Vanilla, Frankincense