At Xaymaca social and environmental responsibility are integral to operations. We recognize the significance of safeguarding the communities and environments that sustain us. By prioritizing these responsibilities, we not only ensure the highest quality coffee but also uphold ethical sourcing practices, support local economies, and minimize our environmental footprint. 

Our dedication to social and environmental responsibility is woven into every bean we harvest, roast, and brew, ensuring a sustainable and enriching experience for all coffee lovers. Join us in our journey towards a more responsible and sustainable future.

Social Responsibility

At the heart of our company lies the Jamaican coffee farmer, the cornerstone of our industry.

We prioritize their well-being by offering technical and agronomic support, ensuring access to essential farm supplies, and providing fair compensation for their coffee. Did you know that Jamaican coffee farmers receive the highest prices globally for their beans?

We are also committed to enhancing the communities within the Jamaica Blue Mountains, where our coffee is grown, by supporting various social projects. Our dry coffee mill, situated in downtown Kingston, operates in one of the city's most economically disadvantaged areas.

By employing over 600 women, many of whom are single parents, we not only cultivate economic stability but also catalyze positive change in their lives and communities.

Environmental Responsibility

Our coffee cultivation epitomizes sustainability.

Nestled beneath a canopy of banana, Inga, mango, and various shade trees, our coffee thrives amidst natural biodiversity. We prioritize manual weed control, safeguarding the integrity of soil and river basins against erosion.

Operating with a commitment to eco-conscious practices, our state-of-the-art coffee mill sets the standard for environmental stewardship. Employing cutting-edge technology, we recycle and treat water used in the pulping process, ensuring minimal impact on local ecosystems.

Furthermore, our drying methods emphasize sustainability, predominantly utilizing sun-drying techniques. In instances where alternative measures are necessary, we employ rotary driers fueled by coffee parchment, a by-product of our processing, further reducing waste and maximizing efficiency.